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Security operations center is equal to Process, People and Technology. Security operations center is a facility where an organization information systems like websites, Application, databases, data centers and servers, networks, desktops and other endpoints are monitored, assessed and defended. Security operations center in banking has now become the need of the hour because of rising advanced cyber threats. CIOs and IT Directors are consciously rethinking on their IT strategies for managed SOC services where managed soc providers have set up of Security operations center with expertise resource who monitor security logs constantly. The managed soc service providers basically helps in reducing the cost of setting up IT infrastructure. A security operations center provides centralized and consolidated cybersecurity incident prevention, detection and response capabilities.

The Rising need for managed Security operations center in BFSI and Enterprise: In an ear where if an organization security system has been breached or not, we have moved to when and what extent it could be breached. There is probability that you have already been a victim of cyber-attack without your knowledge. Hence the rising need of managed SOC services in banking, managed soc services in Enterprise and managed soc service providers have driven high. Log and event information is difficult to consume, creating terabytes of data to work through manually. Raw event data can only protect your business with the right analysis and correlation. Real-time alerting, correlation, analysis and auditing can only be accomplished with both security information & event management technology plus a vigilant team of IT experts. Investing in this in-house event analysis comes at a considerable running cost and requires the addition of skilled, hard to find, technicians. Given limited IT budgets, this falls outside the capabilities for many organizations.


MANAGED-SECURITY INFORMATION & EVENT MONITORING (M-SIEM) High performance, cloud based, powerful security analytic tool to provide a view over the network security posture through a larger lens.

Functions Of Security Operations Center:

* Key focus - Security monitoring

* Security device/software management and maintenance.

* Threat intelligence and vulnerability management

* Cybersecurity incident response management.

* Security compliance management.

* Security training.

Benefits Of Managed SOC Services:

* Removes the need for large CAPEX investment for an in-house SOC.

* Deploy the skillset of SOC expert resources in security domain without hiring directly.

* Internal resource to concentrate on primary task.

* Cost effective and easy to deploy solution for monitoring and alerting.

* Secure and protect your brand and data by responding quicker to advanced threats.

* Comply with regulations and certified mandates with audit ready reports.


Regular security scanning, On-Demand Scanning, Checking for compliance & Configurations for Security Our vulnerability management service allows customers to have their networks and applications scanned on a regular basis. This allows the organization to understand trends in software patching, areas to add more resources, and assets that need to be monitored more closely. Our reports are designed for the needs of the customer and leverage the skills of our subject matter experts to filter out false positives and appropriately rate vulnerability risks based on organizational priorities and real-world considerations..

SCALABLE PROTECTION SERVICES Providing comprehensive security for protecting Endpoints, Servers (Physical | Virtual | Cloud), Network, Web & Email Anywhere.