Information Technology Support Services professionals play a critical role in today's technology-driven economy, helping end users work effectively with complex hardware, software, networks and other sophisticated tools. Aice Global is a leading IT Support Services provider with range of Information technology service offerings. Aice Global follows a quality excellence model benchmarked to international quality standards. The IT support services address specific problems with a product or service.

IT Advancement, cloud and mobile technologies are enabling and empowering people. The traditional IT service desk is expected to support a varied range of technologies and platforms. They are expected to match the level of personalization, customization, empowerment, and speed.

Large Business usually have internal technical team to solve the issues. However small business because of budgetary issues cannot afford to have dedicated information technology department. Time and resources are precious and that management should focus on core business. Management should outsource IT support to experts - whether it’s providing IT support to your employees, protecting your critical data, or supporting your office in the cloud with our solutions.

Why Aice Global?



Engineers listen to technical issues and concerns shared by clients over mail or phone. Our team understands the issues and tries to make less severe by mitigating it. Engineers communicate and act on solutions derived for the problems and resolve the technical query at the earliest.




We provide installation, configuration and implementation services for setting up complex IT & Security products (Network, Load balancers, security, biometric, servers, storage etc). Along with a range of green environment-friendly products which offer low Capex and Opex costs, we provide expertise in consulting, design and implementation. We offer On-Site and Off-site service, Project-based implementation service, Network Migration and Network Optimization. These could be from scratch or enhancements to existing IT Infrastructure.



Central to all our support services is our live 24/7 helpdesk. Day or night, our engineers are on hand to solve all technical issues. We offer network services on core equipment. They provide Personalized Solutions to solve technical issues.



We have a dedicated team of L2 & L3 certified engineers to provide diagnostic, telephonic and on-site support to resolve technical issues and minimize downtime. We also offer 4-hr CTR (Call to Resolution), AMC On-Site Support and remote diagnostic support. The Technical Support Services covers configurations related problems, hardware/configuration troubleshooting and diagnosis, IOS/Software maintenance and reloading, replacement of defective equipment through Aice Global and preventive maintenance of equipment.


We offer Proof-of-Concept Testing goals and test plan review, Lab setup assistance, Network design test execution, Network design test report and project management input for service deliverables.



We perform network topology, security and physical infrastructure audit, do inventory survey for routers and switches. We submit audited report to the clients.



We impart product configuration training for LAN, WAN, Security and Wireless devices etc. Smart, Service obsessed and best in the business IT engineers provide training. This ensures that support staff gets educated on the latest technologies implemented in the organization.


We provide spares replacement support across India with customized and stringent SLAs as desired by the customer. Regional drop zones at various locations accept the defective from customers, negating the need to ship defectives to different cities.



The support bundle also includes software upgrade and updates for the network equipment at an agreed period.